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Improve your Reseller Store SEO | Cheap Domaining

Use a custom domain for your reseller storefront

Customize your storefront by displaying your own domain name in the web browser address bar. For example, your storefront URL can display as www.cheapdomaining.com instead of the default secureserver.net URL. Get found and improve your SEO.

Improve your Reseller Store SEO using your own domain name

Note: For security purposes, we limit this feature to certain pages of your storefront. When customers enter secure areas of your storefront, the default URL displays instead of your custom domain.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your Cheap Domaining username and password).
  2. Select Settings, then select Company Info.
    Select Company Info
  3. Under Storefront Domain Setup, enter your preferred Standard Storefront Domain.
    Enter Custom Domain
    • If you're using a Reseller Plugin for your storefront, show off your unique branding with a subdomain, like shop.coolexample.com.
  4. If you have a standard storefront, we recommend setting up both a domain forwarding (to your domain that begins with www. or the subdomain that you choose). If you don't forward the primary domain to the correct version of the domain, users may be unable to access your storefront when using your domain name.
  5. If the domain name you entered is registered in the same account and using our nameservers, don’t select the box next to I manage my DNS. We'll automatically update the DNS for you.
    • (Optional) To use a different domain name, select the box next to I manage my DNS. You’ll need to update your domain’s DNS CNAME to point to cdrapplication.secureserver.net before we can connect it to your storefront. Here’s how:
      • For domains registered with Cheap Domaining – add a new CNAME Record for the subdomain you entered above and point the CNAME to cdrapplication.secureserver.net.
      • For domains registered outside of Cheap Domaining – contact your web host for instructions on updating your server.
  6. Enter a Home URL, your preferred domain for your storefront's home page.
    Enter Home URL
  7. Select Save. It can take up to 48 hours for your DNS changes to take full effect.

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Can I use domain name masking for my reseller storefront?

No. For Turnkey Reseller storefronts, domain name masking causes many significant problems, such as transaction processing and performance inconsistencies. Therefore, we recommend that you do not use masking for your Reseller storefront.

Here are a few other reasons why masking causes problems for Reseller storefronts:

  • PayPal — When a customer goes from a site with a masked domain name to PayPal® for payment, PayPal attempts to send information back to the site to complete the order. However, domain name masking is too simple and cannot process the order. Therefore, PayPal sends the customer back to the original masked page without completing the order.
  • SSLs — We secure your storefront with an SSL. While customers' orders are secure on storefronts that use masking, customers lose the traditional visual security cues, like HTTPS and the lock symbol. The uncertainty can make many customers walk away.
  • Third-Party Cookies — TSome storefront functionality requires Web cookies, or data stored in your customers' Web browsers. Masking can completely cut off this vital functionality because first-party cookies appear to be third-party cookies.
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Which are the recommendations to choose a domain name for my domains reseller store?

When choosing a domain name for your domains reseller store, it's important to consider several factors to ensure it is memorable, brandable, and relevant to your business.

Here are some recommendations to help you choose a suitable domain name:

1. Keep it short and simple: A shorter domain name is easier to remember and type. Aim for a name that is concise and easy to spell, avoiding complex or lengthy words.

2. Make it brandable: Choose a domain name that reflects your brand identity and resonates with your target audience. Consider incorporating relevant keywords or terms that are associated with the domain reseller industry.

3. Use relevant extensions: While .com is the most common and recognizable extension, it can be challenging to find available names. Consider alternative extensions like .io, .co, or industry-specific extensions like .tech or .online.

4. Avoid numbers and hyphens: Including numbers or hyphens in your domain name can lead to confusion and make it harder to remember. It's generally better to stick with letters only.

5. Research your competition: Look at the domain names of your competitors in the domain reseller industry. Avoid choosing a name that is too similar to theirs to prevent confusion among customers.

6. Check for trademark conflicts: Before finalizing a domain name, conduct a thorough search to ensure there are no trademark conflicts or legal issues associated with it. This helps protect your business from potential legal disputes in the future.

7. Consider future scalability: Think about the long-term goals of your business. If you plan to expand into other related areas, consider selecting a domain name that allows for scalability and doesn't limit your business's future growth.

8. Seek feedback: Once you have a few potential domain name options, ask for feedback from friends, family, or potential customers. Their input can provide valuable insights and help you make an informed decision.

9. Secure social media handles: Ensure that the domain name you choose aligns with available social media handles. Consistency across your online presence can enhance your brand's visibility and recognition.

10. Register your domain name promptly: Once you have decided on a domain name, register it as soon as possible. Domain names get claimed quickly, and delaying the registration might result in losing your preferred name to someone else.

Remember, your domain name is an essential part of your brand identity, so take the time to choose one that aligns with your business objectives and appeals to your target audience.

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