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Create custom promotions for your Reseller Store | Cheap Domaining

Create custom promotions for your Reseller Store | Cheap Domaining

Create custom promotion codes for your reseller storefront

Custom promotion codes give your customers special discounts on their orders. As a Cheap Domaining reseller, you customize all the details, including the promo code name, start and end dates and percent discount.

Create Custom Promos

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your Cheap Domaining username and password).
  2. Select Marketing, then select Promotions.
  3. Select Create Promotion.
  4. Under Promo Code Name, enter a promo code that is 3 to 10 alphanumeric characters. Your code must be unique and not already used by another reseller.
  5. Select Entire Order to apply the promotion for entire orders or Specific Products to apply the promotion to a product group.
    • If you select Specific Products, select the arrow to open a list of product groups. Select the checkbox next to the product groups you want to include in the promotion.
  6. Enter the Percent Discount you want to offer for your promotion.

    Note: If the percent discount results in a negative commission, we’ll let you know. You won’t be able to continue until you change the percent.

  7. Enter a Start Date.
  8. Enter an End Date.
  9. Enter a Minimum order amount.
  10. Enter a Description.
  11. Select Save. The promotion will activate on the start date.

    Note: You can't delete a promo code or change its name, but you can deactivate it or edit its details.

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