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Get started with Basic and Pro Reseller | Cheap Domaining

Get started with Basic and Pro Reseller | Cheap Domaining

Walk through the critical steps to set up your Basic or Pro Reseller storefront

Ready to start (re)selling? This series walks you through the critical steps to set up your Basic or Pro Reseller storefront. Our turnkey storefront helps you quickly launch a branded, professional-looking website with a fleet of customer support staff behind it.

Basic and Pro Reseller Initial Setup Steps

1: Add your company name

Add the company name that appears on your storefront and associate a payee account to your store. (You’ll fill in the payee details next.)

Add a company name to your reseller storefront

Add a company name to your reseller storefront

Congratulations! By purchasing a Reseller Plan from Cheap Domaining, you’ve taken the first step for your new business. Now, let’s get started! Open your reseller plan and add the company name that will appear on your storefront, customer emails and marketing materials.

  1. Go to your Cheap Domaining My Products page. You might be prompted to sign in.
  2. Scroll down to All Products and Services and select the arrow ↓ next to Reseller to expand the selection.
  3. Select Manage next to your Reseller plan to launch the reseller storefront setup wizard.
  4. Enter your Company Name. This will appear on your storefront and marketing materials.
    • The best names are simple and easy to remember (and pronounce!). Try to avoid phrases that could date your company name (for example, Reseller1999).
    • If you’re not sure what to call your company, don’t worry – what you add here isn’t set in stone. You can change this at any time under Reseller Control Center > Settings > Company Info.
  5. Select a Payee account if prompted. (If you’re not sure whether you’ve already set up a payee account, select Payees from your Cheap Domaining My Profile page to verify.)

    Note: You can't switch to a different Payee account after completing this section. However, you can update the information in your Payee account whenever you want to.

    • If you haven’t previously set up a Payee account, one will automatically be created for you using your company name and you can continue to the next step.
    • If you’ve already created a payee account, it will automatically default to that account.
    • If you’ve already set up multiple payee accounts, select the account you want to use from the Payee drop-down list.
  6. Note: We’ll send an email to set the password for your new discount customer account. Once you’ve set your password and created your store, use these new credentials to sign in to your store (just like your customers will) and purchase products at wholesale price. This is separate from your normal Cheap Domaining sign-in – it’s an account just for your store.

2: Set up your payee account and payment info

Where should we send your money? Add or review your contact and tax information and select a preferred method of payment for your commissions.

Set up payment info for your reseller storefront

Set up payment info for your reseller storefront

We make getting paid easy! Your payee account tells us how you want to receive your commission payments. Payee accounts include your contact information, tax information and preferred method of payment.

Once you’ve set your prices, we pay out your net profits at the end of every month for the previous month's earnings. For example, we pay commission earned during December at the end of January.

  1. Select Set Up Payments. This opens a new tab for your Payee Accounts.

    Note: To edit your payee info outside of the reseller storefront setup wizard, go to My Profile > Payees.

  2. Select View/Edit next to the payee account that’s associated with your storefront and add or edit your payment information.
  3. Enter or review your address and contact info, payment/banking details (how you’d like to get paid) and any required tax forms. At the end of each section, select Next to move on.
    • In the Address section, enter or adjust your account type (Individual or Company), e-mail address, phone number, name and mailing address.
    • In the Payment Methods section, select a payment method (like PayPal or direct deposit) from the drop-down list and enter any necessary banking information.
    • In the Tax Forms section, U.S. residents need to complete the fields in the tax form. If you need assistance with the form, we recommend consulting the IRS website or a tax professional. If you’re in any other country, just enter your address.
  4. When you’re done, close the Payee Accounts window to return to the setup wizard.

3: Customize your reseller storefront branding

Establish your brand and customize the look of your storefront by adding a logo, personalized color schemes, and fonts.

Customize your reseller storefront branding

Customize your reseller storefront branding

All Reseller accounts come with pre-built, fully functional storefronts. But, with a little customization, yours can stand out. Choose your favorite color palette and font and use your own logo to strengthen your branding.

Change your mind… or just want to change things up? You can always come back and redesign your look whenever you’d like.

  1. Select Edit & Publish. This opens a new Branding tab where you can start designing your look.

    customize your storefront outside of the reseller storefront setup wizard, go to Reseller Control Center, then Storefront, and then Branding.

  2. Adjust your color and font to personalize the look of your storefront. Scroll to the bottom of the page for a preview of how your palettes will look together.
    • Color Palette: Choose your color scheme from the examples in the drop-down menu. Each palette displays 4 complementary colors. Select colors that are close to your company brand, or just a color scheme that speaks to you.
    • Font Palette: Choose a font from the drop-down menu. We offer an easy-to-read, yet diverse selection of fonts to provide a unique look for your Reseller Storefront. (Visitors from certain markets will see a fallback font to ensure character availability.)
  3. Upload a Desktop Logo, Mobile Logo and/or a Hero image to your storefront. These aren’t required, but they’re a good idea. Your logo is your company signature – and your status as a reseller for Cheap Domaining is an important step for your business.
    • Compatible file formats: SVG, PNG, JPEG or GIF
    • Size limits: 250 KB (Mobile), 500 KB (Desktop), 2 MB (Hero)
    • Review the Storefront, and then Branding page for additional image requirements and information.

    Note: Don’t have a logo yet? No problem – you can leave this blank for now and the logo area will just display your company name.

  4. When you’re happy with your design, select Save. Close the Branding window to return to the setup wizard.

4: Choose your customer support options

Let us know whether you want to support your customers yourself or let Cheap Domaining provide Customer Support under your brand – giving you more time to run your business.

Customer support options

Choose customer support options for your store

How involved do you want to be with supporting your clients’ technical problems and hosting issues? While you may want to offer them personalized service and your complete attention, you may not have the time or the staff for that.

We can handle all support related to our products, and your clients won’t even know that they’re speaking with Cheap Domaining employees. Our white-labeled customer support services free you up to do what you do best.

Choose how much personal support you want to offer… we’re happy to lend a hand wherever you need one!

Note: Customer support and outreach services are available in English only.

  1. Select View Options. This opens a new tab where you can choose your customer support options.

    Note: To adjust your customer support options outside of the reseller storefront setup wizard, go to Reseller Control Center > Settings > Support Options.

  2. Adjust the following options to tailor the way your customers receive support:
    • Default Market: Select your preferred country and language.
    • Customer Support: Decide whether you want Cheap Domaining to provide customer support or if you’ll handle support issues yourself. If you’re handling your own support, add your phone, email and/or contact URL, so your customers know how to reach you.
    • Contact Preference: Enter a Contact Email to appear on your storefront and in branded newsletters and customer communications, and opt-in for event notifications and updates.
    • About your Business: In 300 characters or less, explain what makes your business amazing so we can best assist your customers when they call in for support or product purchases.
    • Contact Outreach: Do you want Cheap Domaining to welcome your customers onboard, or call to thank them for renewing services? Check the box to allow Cheap Domaining to call customers on your behalf, under your business name. It’s like having a staff of hundreds, even when you don’t!
  3. When you’re finished setting up your customer support options, select Save. Close the Support Options window to return to the setup wizard.

5: Establish your Home URL and check out your new storefront

Locate the default URL for your storefront and/or connect your own domain, so your customers know where to find you. Then, take a look at your new store!

Check your Home URL

Check your Home URL and view your storefront

You’re finished with the basics and your storefront is ready to go! Congratulations on your new store!

Now... how do you get there? Your storefront comes with a default URL that you and your customers can use whenever you’d like. You can also connect your own domain to provide a seamless experience for your customers.

  1. Your storefront is now live! Next, you’ll need to know how to find it. Select View Dashboard to access your Reseller Control Center.
  2. Select Settings, and then select Company Info.
  3. The default URL for your store is in the Home URL field.
  4. Once you have your storefront URL, copy/paste it into your browser to take a look at your store!
    • There's also a direct link to your storefront in the Support section of your Dashboard.

6: What's next?

Earn Money Online

Start Earning Money Online

Ready, set, GO! You’re set up and ready to start selling! Take a tour of the Reseller Control Center and check out some of the other things you can do with your storefront – like set your own pricing, create promo codes, and more.

Earn Money Online | Cheap Domaining Reseller Plans

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