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Reseller storefront navigation menu | Cheap Domaining

Reseller storefront navigation menu | Cheap Domaining

Customize your reseller storefront navigation menu: streamline your customers’ experience

Streamline your customers’ experience with a custom storefront navigation menu. Curate your product offerings, edit product category names to include industry-specific keywords, adjust page URLs, and add unique pages to showcase your business and services.

Customize store menu

Note: Custom product names and page URL’s aren’t translated. They'll appear to all markets in the same language you use to customize your menu.

  1. Sign in to your Reseller Control Center (use your Cheap Domaining username and password).
  2. Select Settings, then select Navigation.
    customize storefront navigation
  3. Complete any of the following:
  4. Show or hide product categories

    Select the eye icon icon to the left of the product category to hide the entire category in your storefront navigation menu. Customers won’t see any products related to a hidden category in your navigation menu. Select the icon again if you want to restore the category to your menu.

    Show or hide specific products

    Select Edit next to the category with the product(s) you want to adjust. Select the eye icon icon next to the product to hide that product in your storefront navigation menu. Select the icon again if you want to restore the product to your menu.

    Customize product and category menus

    Help customers find the products they need and provide a uniform navigation experience across your entire storefront with custom menus. To edit a product category, select Edit and change any of the following:

    • Edit the category Name to be a short (one or two words) summary of the products in the sub-category below. Category names display in your primary navigation menu.
    • Modify product names to appeal to your customers. In your storefront navigation menu, product names display in the drop-down menu under the category.
    • Edit the URL that appears in the address bar when visiting that product page.
    • Select the eye icon icon to show or hide a product or page in your navigation menu.
    • Select Add New Link to add a new product. This is useful if you’re also selling products or services from a different company.
    • Use the arrow icon arrows to change the order in which categories and products appear in the menu.

    Add custom categories

    Select Add New Category to create a top-level category and sub-categories. Categories with unique products or services can make your storefront stand out from competitors.
    add new category

    Add links

    Select Add New Link to add a custom page to your storefront, like an About Us page to showcase your company.
    add new link

  5. If you need to undo your changes, select the revert to defaults icon to restore the default navigation menu settings.
  6. Select Publish to confirm your changes. Your changes will appear within a few minutes.

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